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We are a group composed of members of the Dutch Accidental American Group and another dual European with no affiliation. Together they have been coordinating this effort.

However many people have been contributing through advice, legal opinions and by retelling what they observed first hand in the so called compliance industry and the decisions knowingly made to discriminate EU US or solely US citizens in the financial industry for the sake of expediency, knowing that national competent authorities would say and do nothing because they are major financial companies.

The petitioners are proud Europeans dismayed however that the old discrimination demon is resurfacing in plain sight and with the active approval of EU institutions who turn a stubbornly blind eye to several gross breaches of EU law and have been for 6 years now and counting. The European project was supposed to put this demon squarely behind us. Apparently the discrimination demon is healthier then ever.

Wasn’t “Never again” one of the explicit promises of the European Union to itself and to future generations?

The petitioners are equally dismayed that the creation of the European Citizenship has no meaning whatsoever although the Court of Justice of the European Union defined it unambiguously in its Micheletti and others v Cantabria decision.

As petitioners they intend to:

  • monitor very closely the investigations of ESMA into the way the 11 competent authorities apply EU law and make sure the time frame precisely described in article 17 of 1095/2010 is respected by all EU institutions involved.
  • continue to monitor discriminating information in EU regulated financial documentation.
  • continue to study certain aspects of EU regulated financial documentation that strikes them as probably illegal given the extraterritorial nature of US securities law which comes in direct conflict with EU law.
  • continue to fight for EU citizenship that is point #10 of Micheletti because the EU has to decided once and for all if a dual citizen with a non Member State (even the mighty United States) is first a non Member State citizen (as in FATCA) or an EU citizen. Our present bastard status resulting from a US executive order to which Member States submissively comply with the complicity of EU institutions has no legal foundation and is inadmissible.

As is our right, as Citizens of the European Union, according to Article 44 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, we have submitted this petition to the European Parliament and Dolors Montserrat, Member of the European Parliament, Chairwoman of the Committee on Petitions.

As Citizens of the European Union we know that lodging this petition is not only our right, but as imperatively, we believe it is our duty.