Please sign the petitions


Please sign the petitions #

And help us to promote them for the sake of EU US bi nationals and solely US citizens. We do not ask for money, we only ask you to sign the petitions in the protected environment of the EU petition portal. Your friends and family if either EU citizens or non EU citizens such as solely US citizens legally residing in the EU can do it too.

Remember it is very important to get as many supporters as possible and from all EU Member States. If you want the European Union to make a change and really protect our rights, we have to be as many as possible strength is in numbers.
So please

  • take a moment to sign our petition.
  • ask your family and your friends to support our petition by sending them the link to this website or the EU-PETI portal.
  • if you are active in social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), please support our petition, by sharing this website.
  • please ask your followers to support our petition as well.

It is not only for us, but also for yourself, for your children, for you family and for over a million European citizens with dual EU US nationality. We want an EU that does not and will not discriminate aver again!

How to sign our petition: #

First you have to create an user account in the EU Petition portal.
Go to the secure website of the >EU petition portal
Here part of the screen-print:


  • If needed, choose your language
  • click on ‘Register’, on the right
  • fill in the form to get an ID.

Then go directly to >our petition here or go back to EU petition portal and

  • click on ‘Login’, right from ‘Register’.
  • follow login procedure.
  • after logging in you can search for our petition with the help of the filter on the right,
  • our petition number is; 0323/2021
  • click “support button”.

Additional requests: #

While you are on the site please sign also:

>Petition No 1088/2016 by J.R. (French) against FATCA alleged infringement of our EU rights.

This petition from JR (France), which is still open for your support, the number is; 1088/2016 and deals with other illegal aspects of FATCA that are fundamental such as privacy as expressed by the European Convention of Human Rights and proportionality as expressed by the GDPR.

Between JR' s petition 1088/2016 and our petition 0323/2021 we have covered the 3 most illegal aspects of FATCA from a EU law point of view which is why it is important to sign both.

We believe however there could be other illegal aspects in the way EU regulated financial documents are written by asset management companies and will be researching them soon.

>Petition No 1470/2020 by R.A. (Dutch) against the closing of bank accounts from Accidental Americans without a SSN and CLN.

In 2020 the Volksbank (Dutch bank) closed the accounts of accidental American R.A. R.A. went to court but lost his case. The judge stated that he understood the problems of RA and all other Accidental Americans but that the solution had to come from the government.

That’s why R.A. started this petition. “I hereby request your help to prevent my fundamental right to have a bank account from being violated”.