Our EU Petition


Our EU Petition #

As is our right, as Citizens of the European Union, according to Article 44 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, we have submitted this petition to the European Parliament and Dolors Montserrat, member of the European Parliament, Chairwoman of the Committee on Petitions.

As Citizens of the European Union we know that lodging this petition is not only our right, but as imperatively, we believe it is our duty.

We are dual EU US citizens of various European nationalities, members of the Dutch Accidental American group as well as the European Collective against FATCA

We, as petitioners feel that it is quite conceivable that with FATCA and the stubborn and cowardly refusal of EU high ranking personnel to tackle FATCA head on, the US are starting to destroy the EU. The US always had ambivalent feelings about the EU but with FATCA and the EU’s inertia, obfuscations, lies to MEPs, letting down of over one million of its citizens, the US are reaching their goal which is, it seems, to dismantle the EU.

This also neatly suits the goals of Russia and China too, a return to a pre-treaty of Rome world in 1957 where every Member State was, on its own at the mercy of big powers.

We lament the short sightedness of our European leaders and wonder at times who are their true bosses: EU treaties and citizens, the United States, China, Russia…?

The example of José Manuel Barroso, President of the Commission for 10 years now on the payroll of Goldman Sachs is terribly discouraging and shows that at the right price every EU personnel can be bought.

We citizens cannot offer the same financial incentive than those big corporations!

The complete text of our petition can be downloaded >HERE.